Jumat, Oktober 29, 2010

Elizabeth 1

Why do I want to meet her, because as long as england history , she was the greatest queen.

45 years her time government period was a prosperity period, the improvement of literature of england, apperance of england as greatest marine in the world , and many more story about her. I think she has charisma as a queen, as a daughter of her father King Henry VIII. Even, many people have an assumption that her period was the golden age of England.

Elizabeth was born on 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace. Her Father Henry VIII and her mother Anne Boleyn second wife or Henry VIII. 1536 her mother Anne Boleyn be cut off , and her father died at 1547 when Elizabeth was 13 years old. After the death of her father, no one of England King or Queen that assumption success leading of England.1533 her step sister Mary I was throne, and as a Catholic she have an authority to executed Protestant people. At the moment,Elizabeth was detained and imprisoned. When queen Mary I died ( 1558 ) Elizabeth was throne. Her throne given a brightness for people. At the moment, she was 25 years old, as a young teenage queen there are so many problem that have to solve by her. One of them is a conflict between religious in England. I really want to know how she can confront her future as a queen of Great country in her age. Does she afraid ? , or maybe confuse of she destiny, or something like that. How can she confront many attempted murder that aimed at her,did she even think to give up as a queen?

As a queen, Elizabeth never wanted the war, she doesn’t like that. She always tried to avoid that, but in the fact, conflict with Spanyol force her to make a war with Spanyol. Although, the beginning she doesn’t want to have a war, when make the decision to have a war with Spanyol she can be a courageous queen, diligently she building her marine until being a greatest marine in the ocean. This prove that she have a abilty to be a great queen. Another reason that make me proud of her, she can defuse tension inter religious Catholic and Protestan in the country, and she also can keep the united nations. She run the government cooperation with parliament, not fight them. But, the important point that I really want to know about her, why does she make a decision to be a virgin queen until died ? does it true because she was broken hearted , she love a man who already married ( lord robert) and when she know about that she really dissapointed , then have a decision to be virgin and marriage with England until she died. I really want to know her reason, not just assumption, she was really enigma. On the other hand she was a great women leader in the world, that I ever know. As a women I really proud of her, that’s why I want to meet her

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