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Meet Dr. Harris

Meet Dr.Harry G. Harris, Ph.D President & founder of Healthcare California last Friday are amazing experience to meet this great person. He spend all of his life in govermenth (non profit) in california. He served at The White House, Office the Secretary of Defense and National Alliance of Business. HealthCare California is a locally- owned and operated home health agency providing a variety of home health and medical service in central california. Their mission is to be the premier home health agency in the Central Valley. they provide exceptional home health services to patients and referral sources. They will always operate with the highest ethical standards and fairness in all of our dealings with patients, referrals sources, employees and suppliers.

In the first session, he talked about globalization. , based on his opinion globalization it’s a new turn. Globalization related with people in the world in era technology has developed and impact in every sector especially in economic. But, in that session he interest with the globalization and economic topics. According to him, globalization is need to increasing democracy, because globalization is a term to economic life. For example, the last month we look what happened in Japan, as the result of tsunami disaster the economic downturn. Another example, like crisis in Libya that impact to oil industry and cause increasing the world oil prices.

Take a look China, china has experience economic growth from 8 – 9 %, today they continuing the invention. The Chinese economic is the great developing in the world. Including Indonesia, dr.Harris said Indonesia is not the same like 30 years ago, Indonesia has growing, more people can visit Indonesia. We need the population to educate, and the globalization is opprtunity to do that. There are so many student in Indonesia, we need the competiton to be better, and we must hve desired to convidence to have some good learning and education. Beside that, globalization is also create job creation.

Because of the situation today, the stag market is going up and down. This is not good for economixc condition, we have to growing economic. There are somw primaly challenge to do that like Insecurity, continue pressure, and nassive changing. In our generation, we can utilize the technology to increasing the economic.

In the last session one, dr.harris list the conclusion , there are:

  • Globalization is the key to improve
  • We have very dinamic conditions
  • Globalization is ongoing process
  • Globalization make a better product or competition
  • Globalization also interact with developing, training and services to company, it much better in delivery services.
  • Economic growth will continue in the economic world
  • Globalization came about we are suistanable, we have to except this process also suistanable

Second session he talked about the enterpreneurship, as we know he is

The founder of healthcare California, actually 95% patient of healthcare are above 50 years old . According to dr.Harris he said, enterpreneurship is individual who want to do something contribute in society. Example, in technology invention , take a look Apple, the research tell us that indonesia people is one of the biggest population that really aware with the new technology.

To become an enterpreneurship, we have to be dinamic and creative. Succesful eneterpreneur is one to go out. There are some challenging to become enterpreneurship:

  • Financing, how we do to get that?
  • Government regulation
  • Culture problem, stigma. Example japanase people never accepted the failed, they will try and try until succes.

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